There seems to be a long-standing question of whether a front load vs top load washer is better. We can explain the pros of cons of each to help you determine what type of washer is best for you.

Which is Better: Front Load vs Top Load Washer

When deciding between a front load vs top load washer, there are a few things to consider. Check out the key points to both below.

what type of washer is best

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Cleaning Power

Some folks believe that top loaders get clothes cleaner because they use more water. This is a common misconception. In the battle of front load vs top load washers, both get the job done.

Although you can get clean clothes with both types of washers, there is no question that a front load washer is easier on clothes. The absence of a mechanical agitator is gentler on fabrics, extending the life of your wardrobe.

Without sacrificing clean, the front load washers clean clothes thoroughly and efficiently, using less water and less detergent. Thankfully, they can even manage bulky and heavier items that top loaders typically can’t handle.

Energy Efficiency

Top load washers use more water and therefore take longer to drain all that water out. Longer wash cycle = more utility cost. A key difference between top loading and front loading washers is the difference in their efficiency.

Front load washers use considerably less water than its counterpart, which is easier on the utility bill. Less water, less detergent, shorter wash cycle, and subsequently a shorter dry cycle makes the front load washer much more efficient.

If you’re looking for high efficiency, the front loading washer is your best bet.

what type of washer is best

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Ease of Use

There’s no denying that top load washers are a piece of cake to load. Just drop the clothes in and be done. It’s even easy to throw in a last-minute item after the wash cycle begins.

Conversely, the front load washer can require more bending to load, which is hard on some folks. However, installing the pedestal under the washer solves this issue and makes loading easy enough for everyone.


As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. When considering a front load vs top load washer, front load washers have a higher sticker price. This justifiable cost is returned to you in lower utility costs, less detergent usage, and a lower water bill.

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