Adding bleach to a wash cycle can cause concern over the correct amount to use and where to add it to your machine. We’ll take the guesswork out of using bleach by reviewing where to put bleach in LG front load washer. We’ll also help troubleshoot when your bleach dispenser doesn’t empty or fills with water.

Bleach 101: Where to Put Bleach in LG Front Load Washer

Where do you put bleach in a front load washer? Like many front-loaders, your LG washer has a dedicated dispenser just for bleach. We’ll show you where to find it and discuss some FAQs that can arise.

Where is the LG Front Load Washer Bleach Dispenser?

Your LG front load washing machine bleach dispenser is located in the washer’s dispenser drawer. Along with the dispensers for liquid detergent, fabric softener and pre-wash, it’s a separate compartment within the drawer labeled “liquid bleach.” While this is where to put bleach in LG front load washer, powdered or color-safe bleach should not be added to this compartment.

When adding bleach, the compartment has a maximum fill line that shouldn’t be exceeded. We suggest measuring out the correct amount of bleach in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions before pouring it into the dispenser.

Bleach Dispenser Does Not Empty

Now that you know where to put bleach in LG front load washer we’ll troubleshoot some common problems that can arise.

If you notice your bleach dispenser not emptying properly, make sure that you’ve only used it for liquid bleach. Powdered or splashless bleach can clog the dispenser.

We recommend cleaning your dispenser and dispenser drawer monthly to ensure that it empties properly. Here’s how to clean the dispenser and drawer in an LG front load washer:

  1. Pull out dispenser drawer
  2. Push down firmly on the disengage button to release the drawer
  3. Remove cups from dispenser drawer and wash the drawer and all parts in warm water, scrubbing gently with a clean sponge
  4. Use a sponge or clean towel to wipe the drawer opening
  5. Take care to properly replace dispenser cups and drawer

where to put bleach in LG front load washer

Bleach Dispenser Fills with Water

If your bleach dispenser fills with water or has standing water in it all the time, it’s possible that the dispenser is clogged. We recommend pouring hot water into the bleach dispenser to dissolve any debris that may be in the dispenser hose.

If your bleach dispenser remains filled with water you may need a professional service to assess for a repair.

Whether you’re wondering where to put bleach in LG front load washer or troubleshooting when a washer won’t spin, A+ Appliance can help. Call us to schedule any type of washer repair!